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Flat (Bottom-Up) Hip length Straight Pullover with Ribbing

Modified Drop shoulder with Full length Moderate Taper sleeves with Folded Band

Round (crew) front neck and Flat back neck with Simple Hood

Pattern File Name: Kapuschongtröja

Size: Standard Woman 86 for Mig själv

Date started: 2005-03-20 Finished: *


King Cole; gråblå, lila, rosa; 100% ULL; ulltvätt 40 gr


Gauge (Stocking stitch over 4 in = 10 cm): 28,0 sts by 36,0 rows.

Body knit by Knitmaster 360 using TD8

Gauge (ribbing st over 4 in = 10 cm): 28,0 sts by 36,0 rows.

Ribbing knit by Knitmaster 360 Ribber using TD3/3

FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (cms): ... with Comfortable fit.

Chest: 102,0 Armhole: 47,0 Top Neck Opening: 15,0, Front Neck Width: 8,0 Front Neck Depth:8,0, Hem Width: 102,0, Sleeve Bottom: 22,0, Back Width: 46,0 Sleeve Length: 45,0, Body Length: 71,0 Hem Length: 5,0 Hood Length: 24,0, Hood Depth: 20,0, Hem Length: 6,0

Note: Read ALL these instructions thoroughly BEFORE starting to knit. There may be sections where there are two shapings to work at the same time (such as necklines or waist shaping). The pattern may call for more needles than you have on your machine.

NOTE: At most, 144 needles are required to make the body of this garment; but the collar/hood needs 180 needles.


1. Using ribber and TD3/3, cast on 143 sts in MY in 1x1 rib. Rib 22 rows.Transfer sts to main bed, increasing 1 st(s) evenly across the row to 144 sts total. COR.

2. Change to TD8 and Stocking stitch, RC000. Work 148 rows.

3. Armhole shaping. Cast off 7 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. COR.

4. Work 86 more rows. Total 234 rows.

5. Back neck. Cast off center 42 sts. 44 sts each side. Knit 6 rows with WY.


1-2 Follow steps 1 and 2 as for back. COR.

3. Armhole. Dec for armhole at both ends, as for back. Work 56 rows ( 204 rows total).

4. Shape neck. COR. Cast off center 22 sts. 54 sts each side.

5. Right neck. LH needles in HP. Dec 1 st at neck edge every row 10 times, until 44 sts remain. Work 20 rows even. Total 234 rows.

6. Cut yarn, leaving a 93,0 cms end. Work 6 rows WY. Place sts in HP.

7. Left neck. COL. Work as for right neck, reversing shapings.


1. Cast on 64 sts in WY, using TD3/3 and open edge method. Work 6 rows, ending COR. Change to MY. Work even for 22 rows. You may wish to work a turn or picot row halfway. To complete the hem, graft the cast-on sts to the last row worked.

2. Change to TD8 and Stocking stitch, RC000.

3. Inc 1 st at each end of every 3rd row 7 times, then every 4th row 28 times to 134 sts (133 rows total).

4. Work even to total 144 rows. COR.

5. Cast off loosely.


1. Graft shoulder seams on 44 sts.


1. Cast on 180 sts in WY, using TD3/3 and open edge method. Work 6 rows, ending COR. Change to MY.

2. Folded front band. Work even for 18 rows, with lace holes for drawstring near the ends of row 4 (or row 13 for lace holes on outside of band). To complete the band, graft the cast-on sts to the last row worked. RC 000.

3. Change to TD8 with Stocking stitchand work 9 rows. Dec 1 st at each end of next row, then every following 2nd row 22 times, until 134 sts remain. Work a further 10 rows even (total 64 rows), excluding front band. Cast off loosely.


1. Sew sleeve top to armhole, easing to fit. Sew armhole castoff sections (on the front and back) to equal length along the armhole end of the sleeve side edges, then sew remaining side and sleeve seams. Sew back seam(s) of hood. Placing hood bands at center front, sew bottom of hood (including bands) to neckline. Thread a drawstring if required.

2. Darn/weave/sew in all loose ends.


--- WARNING. THIS IS A ROUGH ESTIMATE ONLY. Measure a sample piece for a more accurate calculation.

Amount needed:

549,5 for body and sleeves

36,0 for ribbing and/or hems

73,8 for collar/hood

659,3 Grams TOTAL


Mönster 1 för fram och bakstycke: 20 v grundfärg, 2 v konstrastfärg, 20 v grundfärg

Mönster 2 för ärm: 10 v i en färg, 10 v i en annan färg

Pattern designed by: Nina

with KNITWARE DESIGN (Version 2.50.1)


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